Special dossier on Syria, aspenia online

Special dossier on Syria and its neighbors - The latest analysis from Aspenia online - April 15, 2013

Aspenia 60 - Special focus on Syria
Aspenia classic - From the Editors - 11/4/2013

This original dossier, also prepared on the occasion of the publication of Aspenia 60, focuses on the Syrian conflict, its ramifications and the neighboring countries. Special analysis by Fred H...

Analyzing Syria’s crisis economy: meltdown or resilience?
Joulan Abdul Khalek - Mideast Flashpoints - 11/4/2013

In the midst of such emotionally-charged rhetoric regarding Syrian affairs due to the ruthless murders taking place and an ever-growing death count, it is quite rare to come across an objective analys...

Foreign fighters in Syria: a terrorist threat to Europe?
Teun van Dongen - Mideast Flashpoints - 11/4/2013

Now that Syria is becoming the new cause célèbre of the European jihadist movement, there are growing concerns about the effect that the prolonged conflict there will have on the terrorist threat to E...

Il Libano e il conflitto siriano: la gestione di una stabilità fragile
Bernard Selwan Khoury - Mideast Flashpoints - 11/4/2013

Il 22 marzo, l’allora primo ministro libanese, Najib Mikati, ha presentato le sue dimissioni, facendo cadere un governo che da due anni faticava a governare il paese...

Il nuovo realismo americano di fronte alla questione israelo-palestinese
Claudia De Martino - Mideast Flashpoints - 11/4/2013

Israele e i territori palestinesi sono stati oggetto di molta attenzione da parte dell’amministrazione Obama negli ultimi giorni, in cui si sono succedute in una settimana le visite del presidente e d...