Syria’s developments and assessing Russian power

Syria's developments and assessing Russian power - The latest analysis from Aspenia online - September 16, 2015

Putin di Siria
Maurizio Molinari - Mideast Flashpoints - 16/9/2015

Con l’invio di truppe e mezzi militari a Latakia il presidente russo Vladimir Putin punta a diventare l’arbitro della guerra civile siriana...

La trappola siriana dell'Occidente
Riccardo Perissich - Mideast Flashpoints - 11/9/2015

C’è una bestia in trappola nel Medio Oriente: noi, cioè l’Occidente. Vorrebbe fuggire, ma non può...

Russia’s crisis as an opportunity to break with the past
Ivan Nechepurenko - Old Continent - 16/9/2015

In the wake of the 2012 presidential election, President Vladimir Putin published an article in Russia's leading business daily, Vedomosti, on the economic policy he intended to pursue if the Russian ...

How Russia is not repeating the mistakes of the USSR
Chris Miller - Old Continent - 16/9/2015

As the price of oil slumped to nearly $40 per barrel in late August, the Russian ruble plummeted, hitting 70 to the dollar, its lowest point of the year...

Dealing with a prickly Russia
Ted Galen Carpenter - Old Continent - 16/9/2015

A major challenge facing both the United States and the nations of the European Union is to adopt a policy toward Russia that protects important Western interests without unduly antagonizing Moscow...


What exactly is Russia doing in Syria?
Vitaly Naumkin for Al-Monitor

Russia's expanding military presence in Syria

Fehim Taştekin for Al-Monitor

Russia is apparently establishing its first air base in the Middle East, at Jableh, Syria, a move that would change the rules of the game in the region.