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Partners in the fight against ISIS - The latest analysis from Aspenia online - May 19, 2015

USA e Paesi del Golfo, fra rilancio dell’alleanza e differenze politiche
Eleonora Ardemagni - U.S. and the World - 19/5/2015

“Iran supports violent proxies… Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism”...

How an emerging Arab coalition is fighting ISIS
Bernard Selwan Khoury - Mideast Flashpoints - 19/5/2015

The killing of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh and 21 Egyptian Copts at the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS), last March, were two episodes marking a turning point that enhanced the Arab world’s urg...

La presenza frammentaria dello Stato Islamico in Afghanistan e Pakistan
Emanuele Giordana - Mideast Flashpoints - 19/5/2015

Esiste un pericolo Daesh (il nome arabo dello “Stato Islamico”) in Afghanistan e Pakistan? A sentire il Presidente afgano Ashraf Ghani, non solo esiste ma sottovalutarlo sarebbe molto rischioso...