d’en Fred Halliday

 Fred Halliday, professor visitant del CIDOB (Barcelona) i professor de la London School of Economics.

Fred Halliday is professor of international relations at the LSE, and visiting professor at the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI). His books include Islam and "The Myth of Confrontation" (IB Tauris, 2003) and "100 Myths About the Middle East" (Saqi, 2005)/"100 mitos sobre Oriente Próximo" (Global/rhytm).

Fred Halliday´s "global politics" column on openDemocracy surveys the national histories, geopolitical currents, and dominant ideas across the world. The articles include:
-"America and Arabia after Saddam" (May 2004)
-"Terrorism and world politics: conditions and prospects" (March 2005)
-"An encounter with Mr X" (March 2005)
-"Iran´s revolutionary spasm" (July 2005)
-"Political killing in the cold war" (August 2005)
-"Maxime Rodinson: in praise of a ´marginal man´" (September 2005)
-"A transnational umma: myth or reality?" (October 2005)
-"The ´Barcelona process´: ten years on" (November 2005)
-"The United Nations vs the United States" (January 2006)
-"Blasphemy and power" (February 2006)
-"Iran vs the United States – again" (February 2006)
-"Terrorism and delusion" (April 2006)
-"The forward march of women halted?" (May 2006)
-"Letter from Ground Zero" (May 2006)
-"Finland´s moment in the sun" (June 2006)
-"A Lebanese fragment: two days with Hizbollah" (July 2006)
-"In time of war: reason amid rockets" (August 2006)
-"Lebanon, Israel, and the ´greater west Asian crisis´" (August 2006)
-"Fidel Castro´s legacy: Cuban conversations" (August 2006)
-"Warsaw’s populist twins" (September 2006)