"At the UN: A Resolution on Statelessness", OSJ

At the UN: A Resolution on Statelessness...

The UN Human Rights Council took a significant step to address the plight of stateless children by adopting its first ever resolution on the right to a nationality. The Open Society Justice Initiative welcomed the decision, which reaffirms essential protections for the five million children around the world who have no citizenship anywhere.

Sebastian Kohn and Katrine Thomasen of the Justice Initiative wrote on the blog about the process that led to the resolution, which is the culmination of nearly two years of advocacy by the Justice Initiative. For more background, don’t miss Justice Initiative lawyer Laura Bingham’s podcast on statelessness, part of our “Law Talks” series.

... and a General Assembly Meeting on the Rule of Law

Justice will take center stage this September at the UN General Assembly’s High Level Segment on the Rule of Law. In a new post on the Foreign Policy Association website, Justice Initiative Executive Director James A. Goldston notes how in recent years the rule of law has become internationally celebrated even as it has been ignored. He argues that the UN meeting provides a rare opportunity to “move beyond platitudes and commit to concrete goals, and a process for measuring progress.” Read his essay and comment.

13-VII-12, Open Society Justice