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Page last updated 14 September 2023

My name is Clare O’Farrell and I am a senior lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. For further details about me see my publications page. You can also contact me via email

This site (incorporating my older michel-foucault.com site) posts news in relation to new publications, conferences and other activities and provides resources in relation to the work of French philosopher and historian Michel Foucault (1926 -1984).

If you have any news about Foucault related activity which you would like to publicise on this blog, please email me

News items in languages other than English are also very welcome. As I only speak English and French, there tends to be a bias towards items in these two languages on the blog. For news in Italian see the Variazione Foucaultiane and the Materiali Foucaultiani sites, in Portuguese the Grupo de Estudos Foucaultianos and in German the blog associated with the peer-reviewed open access journal Genealogy + Critique


Michel Foucault (1926–1984) is the most cited researcher across all fields. He was a French philosopher who called his project a Critical History of Thought. Since 1998, Foucault.info has been providing free access to a large selection of Foucault’s texts, including the full transcript of the then unpublished seminar Discourse and Truth.