Interdisciplinary Research and International Strategy

IRIS Institute – Interdisciplinary Research and International Strategy

About Us


  1. Established in 2015, IRIS Institute is an independent think-tank dedicated to innovative and strategic studies on the framework of national power and national power development agenda.
  2. IRIS Institute adopts an interdisciplinary and multilevel analysis approach, encompassing national, regional and international perspectives, to produce high-quality and holistic research insights.
  3. IRIS Institute publishes and disseminates its research, analyses and recommendations to guide strategic planning and decision making for national leaders, policymakers and strategic communities around the world in general and particularly in Malaysia.

Strategic Research for National Power & International Strategy

We believe that knowledge is power. By keeping tracks about current events, emerging technologies, and global trends, we can empower you with knowledge and insights to anticipate the future and make informed decisions in navigating an ever-changing world.