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Cambodia Naval Base Gets a Chinese Upgrade

Cambodia insists work on a newly-dredged port and shipyard at Ream Naval Base is not being carried out to enable a permanent Chinese military presence. Washington is not so sure.
Pakistan Reels under Mounting Economic Pressures
Euro Zone Inflation Shows No Signs of Slowing
Rampant inflation and moribund growth could well threaten the political stability of the country.
ECB head Christine Legarde is maintaining a dovish line despite strong October inflation numbers in major euro zone economies.
Iraq: PM Drone Attack Reveals Risk of Political Violence
Coup Dashes Hopes for Democratic Transition in Sudan
The message sent by the attack is loud and clear: if certain parties don’t get what they want from the new government, they won’t hesitate to advance their interests through violence.
A coup has sidelined civilian leaders, but history might well repeat itself in Sudan.
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