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EULEX To Work Under UN in North Kosovo

Jobless Kosovars Face Bleak Future

Jeremic: ‘Yes’ to EU, ‘No’ to Independent Kosovo

How to Keep Kosovo Safe From Global Crisis

EULEX 'Not Neutral on Kosovo's Status'

Kosovo Independence ‘Wins’ in UK Debate

Kosovo: Serbia’s Stance Hinders EU Path

Pristina Airport Meets Key Standards 


Kosovo Orders Colleges to Stop Enrolling Students

First Kosovo 'Ambassadors' Begin Missions

Thaci: Kosovo, Serbia to Talk as Countries

Montenegro Parties Debate Kosovo Deadlock

World Court ‘Can’t Change Kosovo Status’

Kosovo Leader Quiet on Official’s Resignation 


Ban on Kosovo Diplomas Angers South Serbia Albanians

‘No Sanctions for Montenegro, Macedonia’

Serbia ‘Seeks Deal’ over EU Kosovo Mission

Slovakia to Discuss Kosovo Passports

Serbia Goes It Alone with EU Deal

Brussels Urges Serb Cooperation on EULEX

More Arrests in Montenegro over Kosovo Riots

EULEX ‘With or Without Serb Support’

Kosovo, Albania Open up Air Travel


Serbia Overjoyed, Kosovo Calm, After UN Vote

Serbia Fears EU Will Insist on Kosovo Recognition

BREAKING : Macedonia Adopts Kosovo Resolution

Montenegro Recognises Kosovo

Serbia Expels Montenegro Envoy over Kosovo

Serbia Returns All Withdrawn Ambassadors

Kosovo Laments Serbia’s Victory at UN

How States Voted on Serbia's Kosovo Case at UN

Montenegro 'Set to Recognise Kosovo'

Serbian Officials Hail UN's Kosovo Vote

Slovakia Denies Kosovo Passport Reports

Macedonia Holds Kosovo Emergency Session


Kosovo Serbs Fear Democrat ‘Traitors’ Will Sell Them Out

Greedy Cheats Drain Serbia’s Budget for Kosovo

Waiting For the Balloon to Pop

Ivanovic: ‘Short Cuts Don’t Work in the Balkans’

Dervishes Keep Whirling in Western Kosovo

Kosovo Slams Serb Leader’s Partition Claim

Serbia & NATO Sign 'Security Agreement'

CoE Stands by Serbia’s Territorial Integrity