Moratorium on the Death Penalty also for Tareq Aziz

Nonviolent Radical Party - July 18, 2008:


A bogus trial is currently underway in Iraq, which most probably will result in a death sentence for Tariq Aziz, number two in Saddam Hussein's decades-long criminal regime.

In his trial, Tariq Aziz, a Chaldean Christian, has been denied due legal process. He was left without a defence council after his Iraqi lawyer fled the country fearing assassination - as happened to Saddam Hussein's lawyer - and was denied the legal assistance offered by foreign lawyers.

Following the extraordinary nonviolent initiative of parliamentarians,institutional actors and the wider public which resulted in the adoption of the "Universal moratorium on the use of the death penalty" on 18 December 2007, we, the undersigned, demand consistency with this historic achievement and call for a: "Moratorium on the death penalty also for Tareq Aziz".

This appeal is not “merely” a humanitarian plea, but aims at a specific, concrete and targeted political objective: the defence of the rule of law and of the truth, the defence of legality and justice in Iraq. Halting the upcoming death sentence and execution of Tareq Aziz, which - we reiterate - risk occurring without there having been a fair trial, would mark a clear departure from the methods and practices of Saddam's era and would ensure truth and justice for all victims of his regime, and not only for victims of the crimes for which Aziz is being tried.


Transnational Radical Party