dossier HRW sobre el Poder Judicial a Kosova

Kosovo Criminal Justice Scorecard

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Executive Summary

Summary of Progress

Key Ongoing and New Recommendations



Creation of a Judicial Police Branch and Improved Coordination between Police and Prosecutors

Better Coordination between the Kosovo Police Service and UNMIK Police

Improved Investigations into Allegations of KPS Misconduct


Prosecutors to Take the Lead in Investigating and Managing Cases

Improved Collaboration between National and International Prosecutors


Improved Sentencing Practices by National and International Judges

Better Coordination between National and International Judges

Operational Electronic Case Management System

Witness Protection and Relocation

Better Witness Protection

Witness Relocation Arrangements with States outside the Region

Role of International and National Authorities

Outreach to Affected Communities

Greater Transparency

Detailed Ongoing and New Recommendations


March 2008 Volume 20, No. 2(D)