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In Brief
Kosovo Independence Agenda Revealed

Pristina _ Balkan Insight can reveal the Kosovo authorities’ agenda for Sunday, when the territory is expected to declare formal independence from Serbia.

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Kosovo Serbs in Prayer & Protest

Mitrovica _ "We are all expecting something difficult and horrible," the Head of the Serbian Orthodox Church told hundreds of Kosovo Serbs, on the eve of the province's declaration of independence.

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Serbs Say They are Tired of Kosovo

Although they oppose Kosovo's independence, many Serbs say they have bigger problems to worry about than the future of breakaway province.

By Aleksandar Vasovic in Belgrade

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Macedonia in No Rush over Kosovo

Skopje _ Macedonia will recognize neighbouring Kosovo two or three weeks after its independence is declared, in the hope of avoiding possible retaliation from Serbia, according to local press reports.

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Macedonia-Kosovo Border Calm

Skopje _ No indications point to possible trouble on Macedonia’s tense northern border with Kosovo, Macedonian Police told Balkan Insight on Saturday.

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Huge Albania Flag Travels to Kosovo

Tirana _ A giant Albanian flag is reportedly travelling to Pristina, to be unveiled at celebrations marking Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia.

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Bosnia Braces for Kosovo’s Big Day

Pale _ Police in the smaller Bosnian entity, Republika Srpska, RS, were put on special alert over the weekend, preparing to react in case of any unrest over the expected announcement of Kosovo’s independence.

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Bulgaria Hesitant Over Kosovo

Sofia _ Bulgaria's Ambassador to the United States says she has been explaining to White House officials why Sofia won't be among the first to recognise Kosovo's independence.

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