we brought to the attention of our British colleagues...

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upon reading in the Guardian the bad news concerning the problems faced by the Iraq Inquiry in London we wrote to all British MPs to raise the matter that, as you know, as been at the center of a series of activities of the Nonviolent Radical Party for many years. Below you will find what we brought to the attention of our British colleagues, should you be in contact with some of them, or any other person you believe may be useful to involve in our quest for the truth on the exile of Saddam Hussein, please do not hesistate to let us know replying to this email.

We look forward to your reactions.

Best regards,

Marco Pannella

Marco Perduca

Matteo Angioli







Dear colleagues,

We are sure that what published on November 16th on the website of the Iraq Inquiry and duly reported by the Guardian the same day did no escape your attention. 

We believe that as legislators you will agree that what denounced by Sir Chilcot poses serious doubts on the quality of the final report that the Inquiry is mandated to produce, but also raises serious questions on how Parliament was involved in the launching of the military campaing against Ir aq.

Regardless of our opinions concerning the need to change a regime, in the case of Saddam Hussein there were hundreds of reasons to put him in the dock for crimes against humanity and persecutions of all sorts. We believe that the full truth on how we, the West, the Coalition of the Willing, went to war needs to be told in order to re-instate a minimum of faith in our democratic systems both at home, and in that part of the world that, possibly also thanks to the War in Iraq, has not seen much progress in terms of democracy promotion and respect of human rights since that March 2003.

While we hope that the current British Government will grant access to classified documents, we would like to point to your attention, once again, to a whole load of publicly available information that the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnati onal and Transparty has compiled over the years and that tells an important part of that story that has been systematically negated because it demonstrates how Saddam Hussein was ready to leave Iraq for a secure exile making therefore war useless. 

At this site http://bushblairagainstsurepeacewagedwariniraqpreventingexiletosaddam.org/  you can find all the necessary information we gathered over the years. Last January we hold a vigil on the eve of Tony Blair´s final testimony and a demonstration with other groups in front of the Chilcot Commission. Today Mr. Blair travels the world to promote the role of God in life. We believe that together with asking God his forgiveness, he should also ask it to his people, his flag and his country.

Confid ent in your interest in such a crucial matter, we remain at your full disposal to continue this dialogue.

Warm regards,

Hon. Marco Pannella, former MP and MEP
Sen. Marco Perduca
Matteo Angioli, Web editor of  http://bushblairagainstsurepeacewagedwariniraqpreventingexiletosaddam.org/


24-XI-11, PRNTT