´GREEN, SAFE, CHEAP: Where next for EU energy policy?´, CER report

NEW report - GREEN, SAFE, CHEAP: Where next for EU energy policy?

by Christof van Agt, Václav Bartuška, Jonathan Gaventa, Connie Hedegaard, Dieter Helm, Maïté Jauréguy-Naudin, Agata Łoskot-Strachota, Nick Mabey, Günther Oettinger, Pernille Schiellerup, Stephen Tindale, Frank Umbach and Georg Zachmann
Edited by Katinka Barysch

September 2011

Is the EU´s policy on renewables damaging the single market? Why do Europeans not use energy more efficiently? Is the EU´s gas policy too obsessed with Russia? Can Europe cope without nuclear power? The EU´s energy policy has come a long way. But it is still short-term, beset by contradictions, too interventionist in some areas and too timid in others. This is the broad conclusion of this new CER report in which ten experts and two European commissioners analyse various aspects of EU energy policy and offer their ideas on how to make it more sustainable and coherent.

Katinka Barysch is deputy director of the Centre for European Reform

Please find the link below to the report:
GREEN, SAFE, CHEAP: Where next for EU energy policy?pdf
Edited by Katinka Barysch

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