EU Donor Atlas 2011: accountability and transparency

EU Donor Atlas 2011

The EU Donor Atlas is an interactive online tool that provides an overview of what the EU and its Member States do to support development across the world. You can search by specific donor country, areas of activity, regions, or developing countries.


  • EU Donor Atlas 2011
  • You want to know how much assistance France is giving to support health in sub-Saharan Africa? Or how much money the European Commission invests in development in Bolivia? You would like to know where the EU stands on its overall commitments to increase official development assistance? The EU Donor Atlas 2011 has the answers.

    The EU Donor Atlas covers official aid from most EU Member States for 2009 (in some cases not all information is available) as well as the European Commission and also contains information on key development indicators of developing countries.

    You can carry out your search in different key sections: global trends; accountability; Millennium Development Goals; conflict and fragility; education; population and health.


    The EU gives a total of €54 billion in official aid a year , but impressive spending is no sufficient proof of success:  increasing aid and improving its quality go together.

    The European Commission and the Member States pool their efforts and coordinate programmes. Working together is important to avoid duplication and help more efficiently. The EU Donor Atlas is a tool of accountability and transparency of what the EU does: It shows how the EU and its Member States spend taxpayers´ money and how aid is allocated.