´Guinea´s Future Hangs in the Balance´, HRW

Guinea´s Future Hangs in the Balance
New President´s Actions can Reverse Legacy of Abuse

“For 52 long years, the people of Guinea have really suffered from the effects of impunity and corruption,” a Guinean man told us. “We have lived in darkness - no electricity, no water, no opportunities for our children. Those in power have ruined the lives of generation after generation.”

Guinea´s future hangs in the balance, says a new report based on more than 200 interviews. President Alpha Condé´s actions – or inaction – will either create a positive human rights trajectory or trap Guinea in a continuing cycle of abuse.

Since Guinea’s independence from France in 1958, its rulers have used militias and security forces to repress independent voices. Thousands have been tortured, starved, or beaten to death. Those responsible need to be held accountable. But judges and lawyers say they don’t have enough money to conduct investigations, adequately pay staff, or sometimes even feed prisoners. For effective prosecutions, Guinea needs to strengthen its judiciary.

Despite its wealth of ores and minerals, Guinea remains one of the world´s poorest countries. Transparent budgets and natural resource contracts are necessary for Guinea’s entire population to benefit from this wealth.

A truth-telling commission should be established to uncover the roots of the abuse and help prevent new violence.


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3-VI-11, HRW