27-VI/8-VII, VI Barcelona Summer School in International Politics


Governing Democracies in a Globalized World
Prof. Carles Boix (Princeton University - IBEI)
New Frontiers in International Political Economy
Prof. Shanker Satyanath (NYU)
In Search of Europe’s Demos
Prof. Juan Díez Medrano (Universitat de Barcelona-IBEI)
Is Multilateralism Democratically Legitimate? The European Union and Beyond
Prof. Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton University)
The Turn in American Foreign Policy: 2001-2011
Prof. Anne-Marie Slaughter (Princeton University)
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The sixth edition of the Barcelona Summer School in International Politics will take place at the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) during June 27 – July 8. The objective of IBEI´s Summer School is to offer different short courses on significant topics in international relations and international political economy, taught by experts of international prestige. The direction and coordination of the summer school will be provided by Carles Boix (Princeton University and IBEI).

The summer school is aimed at graduate students, professors and researchers in the areas of political science, economics, and international relations and international studies who are interested in learning first-hand about the latest advances in research.