(OSI Forum:) Forced Labor in Burma

OSI Forum: Forced Labor in Burma
Location: OSI-New York
Event Date(s): May 4, 2009
Speakers: Richard Horsey, Stephen Hubbell
Multimedia:   AUDIO

For decades, rights activists and organizations have been largely powerless when confronting isolated and abusive regimes over the issue of forced labor. Open Society Fellow Richard Horsey discussed a rare success story: the International Labor Organization’s efforts to persuade the government of Burma to amend some of its harsh labor policies.

Horsey, a former ILO representative in Burma, described the confluence of circumstances that led to the breakthrough, some setbacks that the ILO has faced, as well as what lessons can be applied to other authoritarian regimes.

Stephen Hubbell, communications officer for the Open Society Fellowship, introduced the event.

Note: The audio for this event has been edited.