North Afica’s evolution

North Afica’s evolution, and Greece’s impact - The latest analysis from Aspenia online - February 9, 2015

Egypt, four years on: the politics of restoration under Al-Sisi
Giorgio Musso - Mideast Flashpoints - 5/2/2015

For years, January 25th has been known among Egyptians as Police Day, when citizens were supposed to rally around the police with gratitude and patriotism...

Lo Stato Islamico tenta di replicare in Libia lo scenario siro-iracheno
Bernard Selwan Khoury - Mideast Flashpoints - 5/2/2015

Tripoli, Libia, martedì 27 gennaio 2015, ore 8:00 locali: un commando di uomini dell’ala tripolitana dello Stato Islamico (IS), nota ufficialmente come “Provincia di Tripoli”, fa esplodere un’autobomb...

Tunisia: still a success story despite real dangers
Jessie Karam - Mideast Flashpoints - 5/2/2015

Commended, admired and supported by many Western countries for overcoming obstacles and successfully transitioning away from dictatorship after the 2011 Arab Spring, Tunisia has demonstrated that a Mu...

Algeria: the cautious and conservative actor in North Africa
Hassan Mneimneh - Mideast Flashpoints - 5/2/2015

Amidst the euphoria that surrounded the cascade of Arab uprisings in 2011, notes of sobriety, even skepticism, came from Algeria...