"Algeria 1962-2012: More Questions than Answers", Francis Ghilès

Algeria 1962-2012: More Questions than Answers

“ L’Algérie, c’est la France sans lois et sans hypocrisie”. Thus Alexis de Tocqueville summed up a report he had just written for parliament in Paris in 1847. “Tout ceci se terminera dans un bain de sang”. Just over a century after he penned those words, a war of liberation, as the Algerians call the fight to throw off French yoke, “les opérations de maintient de l’ordre ” as they were described, in somewhat Orwellian language in France, began, which deeply scarred the psyche of France and Algeria. Fifty years on, the wounds left by eight years of increasingly bitter guerrilla warfare are beginning to heal.


Autor/a: Francis Ghilès, Senior Research Fellow, CIDOB