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Libya’s elections: understanding Arab transition politics
Joulan Abdul Khalek - Mideast Flashpoints - 26/7/2012

The results of Libya’s recent elections came as a surprise to some after a series of Islamist victories in neighboring countries and may have regional implications – though not in a simplistic “libera...

La Libia verso un governo di unità nazionale: un paese in controtendenza?
Bernard Selwan Khoury - Mideast Flashpoints - 23/7/2012

Alla fine, i Fratelli musulmani in Libia hanno dovuto ammettere il successo elettorale del partito guidato dall’ex premier Mahmud Jibril, l’AFN (Alleanza delle Forze Nazionali)...


27-VII-12, aspeniaonline


Libya’s Post-Electoral Challenges
Just prior to the elections in Libya, Crisis Group issued a conflict alert regarding potential disruptions by armed groups in the east and the risk of an election boycott. Claudia Gazzini, Senior Analyst for Libya, looks at the outcome of the elections and the challenges ahead. (26 July)

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