(Iraq:) Appeal to Nobel Laureates and other Internationally Noteworthy Figures


August 8, 2008

        We call for President George W. Bush to be held accountable, so permitting his defence, of the charges of unleashing forces of mass destruction in a war against Iraq started between the 19th and 20th of March 2003, with the sole purpose of impeding an already impending and inevitable peaceful liberation of the Iraqi people from the criminal dictator Saddam Hussein and his regime.

         We have acquired the proof, of which we shall unequivocally demonstrate herewith, that President Bush, first by “diplomatic” means, then by the projected murder of Saddam, and, finally, with warfare, averted that Iraq’s liberation from the dictatorial regime could happen, already in mid-February of 2003, as Bush himself knew, with the acceptance on the part of Saddam Hussein to step down, resign and go into exile together with his keens, with the guarantee of immunity under the supervision of the International Community as brokered by the very same Bush Administration.

         A liberation conquered with PEACE, without a drop of blood spilled, was forthcoming, along with a transition to democracy under the auspices of the United Nations with the unanimous support of the International Community.

         The evidence we hold of these charges is without ambiguity and rests outside the realm of the circumstantial.

         Our case rests upon official documents such as that of the British Government relating to a meeting between President Bush and the U.K.’s Tony Blair at the Oval Office on January 31, 2003, along with that of the Spanish Government detailing the meeting at Crawford Ranch in Texas between President Bush and the then Spanish Premier Aznar, including the participation via telephone of Italy’s Berlusconi and Blair. Conclusive in themselves, and further clarified by a faithful reconstruction of the meeting, would be the events of the Arab League on March 1st in Sharm-el-Sheikh. In fact, on that occasion, a final death-blow to the hope for a peaceful resolution, was given by an incursion of the Libyan Dictator Gheddafi. We can follow, day by day, and step by step, the path of the U.S. President from the second half of January up to ten days after the war had already begun, when many still sought to halt it, proposing the peaceful solution of the exile for Saddam as his very life was being sought by U.S. forces.

By this time, the mass of lies and the web of accusations over-abundantly championed by the American and, in general, Anglo-Saxon press, had crystallized in a fore-drawn conclusion: in any event and at any cost – war!

Certainly, the alibi of weapons of mass destruction, “U.N. documentation” on Iraq’s presumed unconventional arms, and that of an alliance between Saddam and Al-Qaeda, as well as the scandalous and misused intelligence reports – now besmeared by their own patent illegality and instrumental aggression – became the means to waging all-out war to stall the real solution: PEACE, REFORM and TRANSITION to a Democratic and Secular Iraq with the non new exile of a this powerful and cruel dictator.

         Our current objective is to seek, by all possible means, the official acknowledgment: a) by public opinion, b) through National and International Legislative Inquiries, c) through National and International Judicial Inquests. And with particular faith in the Lawmakers, Representatives and Senators of the United States, both Federal and State, whose mandate may soon be coming to an end, and their successors.

         We take the responsibility to trigger a great Movement, fuelled by acquisition of a grave historical truth – as provided for in our initiative “2008: The First Worldwide Satyagraha for Peace” with Democracy, Freedom and the International Rule of Law – which will firmly instil a perspective of peace, liberty, democracy and nonviolence. At a moment when the madness of power seeks to instil, once again, the historical necessity of wars, both old and new, bringing destruction not only to humanity but the Planet itself, we appeal with a “May-Day,” an “S.O.S.,” to those powers and personalities, to those illustrious organizations for Human, Civil, Political and Social Rights, lest we remain helplessly locked in a status quo of lethal implications for our world and for every reasonable desire for peace, freedom, democracy and justice.  

         Our search for truth, and our defence of the Rule of Law, the true history of the United States, of its Flag, does not entail seeking what would be an absolutely legitimate intention to trigger a process of impeachment before the coming elections. Not at all. Instead, we immediately call for a process of review, disclosure and justice regarding a power that, violating every rule, every vow, all prudence and every loyalty, is principally responsible for an explosive structural crisis in our times.

         We believe that all this may not be superfluous at a time when alarming signs of the next “pre-emptive” war are becoming more evident. Again, unilaterally, against an absolute “evil” – Tehran. The call for war as unrelenting with Iran tomorrow as it was with Iraq just yesterday.

         All this at the risk of changing and redefining history, the civil and democratic participation within our nations, and the world of which we are all a part.

Marco Pannella
Emma Bonino

Sergio Augusto Stanzani Ghedini
President, Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty

Marco Perduca  
Vice President, Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty
Secretary, IAL

Matteo Mecacci
Vice President, Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty
Maurizio Turco
Vice President, Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty
Secretary, Anticlericale.net
Antonella Casu
Secretary, Radicali Italiani
Sergio D’Elia   Secretary,Hand off Cain
Giorgio Pagano
Secretary,  Esperanto Radikala A
Marco Cappato
Secretary, Luca Coscioni Asociation

Attached documents:

23 July 2002 | The Secret Downing Street Memo
31 Jannuary 2003 | Memo by David Manning
22 February 2003 | The Crawford Transcript
Articles on the 1 March Summit of the Arab League