primera Trobada Lliberal Ibčrica, a Salamanca 26/27-VI

Iberian Liberal Meeting – June 2010

Salamanca, Spain

26 and 27, June, 2010

Purpose of the Meeting: Liberalism in Iberian Peninsula is spread through many organizations, some successful and with dimension, but others still in its early stages of development. There is also a lack of understanding through the peninsula, by the society in general, on the liberal ideology. The objective of the meeting is to discuss the possibility and interest, of joint activities in 2011 to promote and develop the Iberian Liberalism. From a periodic congress (ex: bi-annual), to seminars, workshops or discussing common policies and positions, Iberian Liberalism could benefit in having activities that would strengthen small organizations and promote the exchange of ideas.

Target groups: Iberian liberal organizations

Duration of the Meeting: 26 of June 15:00 to 27 of June 15:00

Spoken languages: English, Spanish

Guest Speakers:

Joanna Suder – Phd Researcher

Luis Espinosa – Phd Researcher

Luis Silva – Professor of Economy at ISLA University, Researcher

Dr. Marc Guerrero – ELDR Vice-President, Professor of International Politics and Business Internationalization at the Open University of Catalonia & at the European University

Wilson Pozo - Movimiento Libertario Ecuatoriano




26 of June


15:00 – The Financial Crisis in Portugal – Luís Silva

15:30 – The Pension System: The capitalization model versus the pay-as-you-go model – Luis Espinosa

16:00 – Liberalism in Iberian Peninsula – Presentation of the Organizations/Discussion

17:30 – Coffee-Break

18:00 – Developing Liberalism in Equador – A practical experience – Wilson Pozo

18:30 – Workshop on Liberal Differences: Southern Europe x Northern Europe - Joanna Suder

20:30 – End of session

21:30 – Dinner (Tapas)


27 of June


10:00 – Activities for 2011 in Iberian Peninsula

12:30 – Developing Liberalism in Iberian Peninsula – Dr. Marc Guerrero

13:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Departure